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Another immediate extension installation – Tab Mix Plus

Sunday, March 20th, 2016 by

Okay, okay, before you say, wait a minute- there’s no reason to install a tab extension on Firefox. It can do everything right out of the box, and all of those are way too bulky and they mess up my other extensions.

I say, “Nay.” This beauty adds features that are simply not available in the default Firefox setup. There are some things it can take care of that are a short tweak away in your about:config page, but there are many, many options it adds. I only use a few, but the few I use are indispensable.

My favorite thing that I love to do is inadvertently close tabs. Well, let me re-state that. I inadvertently close tabs from time to time, and I cry if I can’t remember where I was or if I am unable to retrieve them. This extension will let you undo a series of tabs so that you shant have to shed a tear.

tmpoptionsI know there’s a separate extension that does just that, but that’s all it does. If minimalism is your thing and that’s the only thing you need, then that would be perfect for you. But you’re not. You’re a Firefox junkie and you need it to survive, to feel young again. To feel free, to feel the blood rushing through your veiny paws. Wait, where was I?

Okay, Tab Mix Plus. It has a plethora of options, admittedly, that I do not take advantage of. Another option that I do take advantage of is focusing on the last tab selected when a tab closes.

More Tab Mix Plus options

That’s not a wonderful way to describe it, but it’s logical and makes sense to me. Say you’re browsing around, checking your e-mail, and you happen to have a few tabs open. A friend sends you a “funny” link, so you check it out, and close it mere seconds afterwards. Now you’re looking at some other web site. What the hell? I was just looking at my e-mail, so shouldn’t I be back there immediately? Well, Firefox default behavior is to re-direct you to the tab to the immediate left of the one that was just closed. This may suit you, or it may not. It does not suit me. So, focusing on the last tab selected can cure your ails, if this particular nebbish thing is what ails you.

Tab Mis Plus has the power to change tabs’ appearance, behavior and even controls the overflow that is bound to happen if you open one too many pages. It is not for someone who refers to the internet as the “Blue E,” but we all know that is not you, Gentle Reader. You are in it for something more customizable and something more anal-retentive, god bless you.

Get it now. There’s too many tab-filled days that lie ahead that need to be whipped into shape.

Tab Mix Plus

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